Top 10 super lightweight boxers of all time

Let's take on the difficult task of ranking them, taking into account the value, the results achieved, and the depth of the defeated opponents, as usual.  These are the top ten super lightweights of all time!

10. Timothy Bradley

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Many people are still angry with him because of the decision that unfairly rewarded him in his first fight against Manny Pacquiao, but Bradley has accomplished a lot more in his career and deserves to be taken seriously. 

His trademarks were speed of arms, great resistance to strokes, and a frantic pace that allowed him to go unbeaten during his time in the super-light aircraft. Other titles and prestigious victories followed his move to welterweight, including a victory over the great Juan Manuel Marquez.

9. Jack "Kid" Berg

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It was extremely difficult for a 1930s European boxer to make his way through the American rings and get the chance to fight the world champion. British Berg made it, thanks to high-sounding victories over boxing greats such as Tony Canzoneri and Kid Chocolate. Characterized by a bold, no-nonsense style, the London warrior remained on top of the world for more than two years lining up five victorious defenses of the title.

8. Kostya Tszyu

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The Australian boxer of Russian descent has given birth to two ominous world kingdoms, establishing himself as an authentic bogeyman of the superlight category. Cold as ice, courageous as few, and gifted with a dynamite right, the Russian-born Australian boxer has given birth to two ominous world kingdoms, establishing himself as an authentic bogeyman of the superlight category. 


The KO inflicted on Zab Judah, who was sentenced to a humiliating dance for waking up too early, was memorable. The only blemish on his resume was a surprise loss to Vince Phillips, but the "Thunder from Down Under" was forgiven.

7. Duilio Loi

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Many consider him to be the greatest Italian boxer of all time, with only three defeats in 126 matches, all of which he avenged. He didn't have a lightning punch, but he made up for it with excellent technique and an unbreakable character. 

The only flaw he had was that he arrived at the top of the world a little late, which prevented him from building a kingdom as long as other champions. His trilogy collaborations with Carlos Ortiz and Eddie Perkins are incredible.

6. Antonio Cervantes

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"Kid Pambele," whose glory and tragedy are told in Colombian writer Alberto Salcedo Ramos' book "Gold and Darkness," dominated the superlight category for a long time, with two sparkling world kingdoms and 16 victorious defenses in total. 

After a steep learning curve, the Colombian surrendered only to absolute champions such as Nicolino Locche (who was beaten in retaliation), Wilfred Benitez, and Aaron Pryor once he reached full maturity. His right was a sentence, sharp and explosive.

5. Aaron Pryor


The brutal KO inflicted on the veteran of the ring Antonio Cervantes, who handed him the baton, made the Cincinnati Falcon one of the most spectacular champions of all time. When he first entered the ring, Pryor had no concept of caution and agreed to take all of the case's risks to find a strong solution.

Only the deadly thug's cocaine addiction ended his reign, and the two thrilling victories over the legendary Alexis Arguello were two heart-pounding battles to see and review.

4. Nicolino Locche

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Due to his exceptional defense, the Argentine of Sardinian ancestry was dubbed "El Intocable" for his ability to avoid blows with imperceptible head and trunk movements, without having to take advantage of the ring's width. 

The world title was snatched from the dangerous Japanese Takeshi Fuji, and it was a true boxing lesson that bordered on humiliation. Only his unhealthy lifestyle prevented him from reigning for longer, but not from establishing himself as one of Argentina's most powerful and well-known boxers.

3. Wilfred Benitez

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He still holds the record for being the youngest world champion of all time, having won the WBA super light belt at the age of 17 years old. Cervantes' dethronement was followed by his rise to welterweight and super welterweight, as well as other incredible victories, including one over the great Roberto Duran. Although his laurels are evenly distributed among the divisions in which he competed, we chose to classify him as the one that established his unrivaled record.

2. Barney Ross

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Barney Ross was the protagonist of a one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable story that, nearly a century later, appears to be steeped in mythological elements. He defeated many champions, including the Italian-American Canzoneri, the Canadian McLarnin, and the inventor of the "bolo punch," Ceferino Garcia, in three weight categories. He earned the title of a war hero after his retirement. His name has become a legend.

1. Julio Cesar Chavez

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The indestructible Mexican wrecker has sublimely interpreted attack boxing, showcasing class for 25 years, and is idolized by his countrymen and viscerally loved by boxing fans from all over the world. He progressed from the superfiuma to the superlight by unhinging one opponent after another and lining up 90 matches without defeat before making his first mistake. 

His bodywork was pure poetry, his jaw as hard as marble, and his precision equal to that of a sniper: no one else could take first place in this ranking than him!

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