Top 10 World Unbeaten Champions in the History of Boxing

It's not simple to keep one's record spotless for a long time, and it's considerably more difficult for a world champion, who is guaranteed to face ruthless competitors willing to go to any length to take his title. 

Few boxing champions have ever retired undefeated, either by saying enough at the appropriate time or by being forced to hang up their gloves due to force majeure. As a result, we've compiled a list of ten world champions who went undefeated to the end!

10. Terry Marsh 

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This British super light, dubbed "The Firefighter Boxer," was unstoppable when it came to winning titles and fights. Marsh, a former British, European, and world champion, was forced to retire after only one defense of the IBF championship due to epilepsy. 

When he accused promoter Frank Warren of asking him to fight despite his condition, he caused a commotion; Warren sued Marsh for libel but lost the case in court.

9. Edwin Valero 

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The Venezuelan fighter appeared on several of our lists, including one on Big Regrets. El Inca was on the rise, with 27 KOs in 27 fights and world titles in the super-feather and lightweight divisions, and was on the verge of a super-fight with Manny Pacquiao when his wife was murdered and he committed suicide in prison.

8. Mihai Leu 

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As an amateur, this Romanian welterweight, who used the nickname Michael Loewe in Germany to appeal to German fans, had won 190 of his 200 fights. 

He nabbed the WBO belt on his first world opportunity as a pro, but was forced to retire after only one defense due to an injury to his left hand: two surgeries proved futile. Then he went on to become a rally driver!

7. Harry Simon

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This fearless Namibian boxer defeated the better known Ronald "Winky" Wright in a courageous fight for his first world title. A tie was declared, but after the boxers had entered the locker room, a mistake was uncovered, and Simon was declared the winner.

In a horrific vehicle accident that claimed the lives of three people, the African was able to graduate champion in middleweight. However, he broke two legs and an arm.

6. Andre Ward

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Many were willing to wager that "Son Of God's" retirement would only be temporary, but Ward decided not to compromise the undefeated path he had created throughout a stellar professional career. 

The American, who won super middleweight and then light heavyweight titles, had excellent technical skills, but many believe he received "a little help" from the judges in his first fight with Sergey Kovalev.

5. Sven Ottke 

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The German "Phantom" entered our ranking of the best super mediums in history by right, albeit in a backward position, with his 21 world defenses. Ottke never broke away from Germany throughout his long reign as champion, winning the majority of his matches by points, competing in three Olympics. Several challenges, on the other hand, were dissatisfied with the decision.

4. Joe Calzaghe

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Many consider the Italian-Welshman to be the best super-mediumweight in history, but he was able to respond as an authentic champion in the ring by beating his opponents one by one, reuniting the titles, and eventually climbing into the light heavyweight division to defeat two legends: Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. 

He recognized he had nothing more to prove when he was within walking distance of the renowned Rocky Marciano record and retired.

3. Rocky Marciano 

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Few champions of his class could match Rocky's foresight in stepping aside when his body needed it. Marciano understood he had reached the end of the line after his match against Archie Moore, in which he went down before dissolving his opponent, and he departed the scene without hesitation.

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr 

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Detractors have accused him of everything from meeting too many opponents while they were on the decline to winning too many matches in an unconvincing manner, yet you don't win fifty consecutive matches or five world titles without having talent. unbounded. 

Only the first challenge with Jose Luis Castillo's judgment can be deemed to be truly dubious; for the others, Floyd brought everyone to school!

1. Ricardo Lopez

Photo: wbcboxing

With 52 unbeaten fights under his belt, the small Mexican champion is one of the few modern boxing champions to have gone undefeated in the most number of fights. He was the undisputed king of the straw weight category, and he gained triumph in the small flyers category shortly before retiring. 

He was successful in "avenging" the only draw, which had been decided by technical judgment, by defeating the aggressive Nicaraguan Rosendo Alvarez on points.

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