Top 4 Boxing Trainers In Recent Times

In modern times, it is easy to identify a quartet of coaches who have successfully catalyzed media attention in recent years, given the results achieved by their respective boxers and how they have visibly managed to determine their fortunes, enhancing their talents.

The list could go on for a long time: Buddy McGirt, Eddie Reynoso, Virgil Hunter, and others are all deserving of mention. However, Anatoly Lomachenko, Abel Sanchez, Freddy Roach, and Robert Garcia have dominated the boxing scene to date.

4. Anatoly Lomachenko

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The person who has projected boxing into a new, futuristic dimension more than anyone else. Anatoly has managed to push boxing into a new era, one based on mental and physical conditioning. He is the father of Vasyl Lomachenko and the coach of Oleksander Usyk.

Look at how Lomachenko uses "bait" movements to influence opponents' decisions - work rate at previously unheard-of levels, thanks to a more evenly distributed use of energy, completely unusual shooting angles, and the extensive use of pivoting and side exits. The results of the boxers he followed are clear to see, and it appears that the best is yet to come.


3. Robert Garcia

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Robert Garcia, the IBF super lightweight world champion and later the trainer of his brother Mikey Garcia, Marcos Maidana, and Nonito Donaire, among others, is now one of the most well-known trainers in the sport.

Robert has consolidated his fame over the years thanks to the great work done on the Chino Maidana, having been raised in a family that has always been dedicated to boxing. Robert, on the other hand, has developed such a strong bond with his brother Mikey that he has won four weight categories with him. Garcia's boxers are less whimsical and more orthodox.

However, Robert can improve its technical effectiveness by enhancing its qualities. Mikey Garcia is a walking boxing manual, but Maidana benefited from Garcia's efforts as well, improving his timing and coordination while remaining true to his brawler nature.

2. Abel Sanchez


For years, Abel has been regarded as one of the best trainers, inextricably linked to the figure of Gennady Golovkin. He immediately believed in a young Kazakh boxer with a hard fist and a granite butcher who was working on resistance and a tactical approach to improve his offensive skills. A partnership that appeared to be unbreakable.

Then there were those soft declarations toward Canelo, whose merits he recognized at the end of the second meeting, at least initially, which cracked the relationship, leading to its eventual breakup for financial reasons. He currently trains, among others, Murat Gassiev, whose boxing evolution is on display for all to see after a brief amateurish hiatus.

1. Freddy Roach

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He coached Oscar De La Hoya, Jorge Linares, Amir Khan, and Miguel Cotto among the many boxers, but above all, he is the one who still guides Manny Pacquiao today.

Roach is a legend in the sport of boxing, with a resume that includes Mike Tyson, Guillermo Rigondeaux, and Wladimir Klitschko.

He was able to transform a young fighter with a shaky technique but an unbreakable spirit into a multiple world champion in eight weight categories, finding a balance between the vigor of a young Manny and the need to improve him from a technical standpoint, filling certain defensive deficiencies and exploiting that perpetual movement with continuous in and out, in such a way as not to grant targets to the opponents, who were then studded with shots. By his consolidated popularity and authority, Roach does not lack a certain polemic and critical streak.


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