10 best boxers on the planet 

Do you know who the world's best fighters are? How did they arrive at their destination? In the article, we'll address these and other concerns. Let's start with the top ten boxers on the planet. They were each elected at a different point in time. These athletes come in a variety of weight categories. The list, which we will present to you, was compiled using fan recommendations and information from various boxing magazines.

10. Pep Willy

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The best boxers in the world have always had a social conscience. As a result, Willy Pep is ranked 10th. Between 1940 and 1966, he fought 241 duels, winning 229 of them. This athlete has 11 losses, 65 knockout victories, and no fights that have ended in a draw.

For twenty-six years, this Italian-American boxer fought in the ring. It has a large number of victories and a small number of losses. It is, without a doubt, the best record of the era. Pep was classified as a lightweight boxer. He fought without losing a single battle until 1944, winning 61 of them. It's remarkable.

After some time had passed, he was defeated for the first time by world champion Sammy Angott. Willie perfected his tactics a year later and never lost a battle after that.

Pep kept moving forward in the sport without fail, proving to be the world's best boxer. 

In 73 fights, he was victorious, which is a fantastic track record. Pep is, without a doubt, a top twentieth-century boxer. In 1990, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for this achievement. He took first place in the lightest weight category.

9. Armstrong Henry

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Before being included on this list, the top ten boxers in the world had to pass stringent tests. Henry Armstrong is ranked ninth. From 1931 to 1945, this boxer competed in 181 fights, winning 150 of them. He has 21 losses, a draw, and 101 knockout victories.

This leather glove aficionado started with a lightweight category and progressed - on average. Only Henry could win three different championship trophies in three weight classes. The result was stunning.

Although he is known to have won four titles, a duel with Ceferino Garcia was ruled a draw. He knocked out the opponent 27 times in succession to win. This is probably the best boxing performance ever.

Armstrong chose to honor his colleagues as great boxers, who were no less famous than Henry at the time. Armstrong was named the best punching boxer on the planet for the first time in 80 years by the sports magazine The Ring in 2007.

8. Marciano Rocky

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Rocky Marciano was ranked eighth in the famous ranking. This boxer competed from 1948 to 1955, winning 49 of his 49 fights. He has never lost a fight, and none of his fights have ended in a draw. He also won 43 fights by knockout. This boxer has never lost a fight.

Rocky was a heavyweight who became famous for his brutality to his opponents. This one-of-a-kind boxer hasn't given anyone else the upper hand in his division. Ricky successfully defended his championship six times.

However, many people are convinced that those on this list have never faced a worthy opponent. Despite these criticisms, Marciano is remembered as a fearsome fighter of all ages who contributed to a variety of ratings.

7. Julio Cesar Chavez

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Next comes Julio Cesar Chavez. From 1980 to 2005, this master of boxed leather gloves led 116 fights and won 108. He has six losses, two of which are linked, and he has won 87 fights by knockout.

Julio is the best Mexican boxer because he competed in five different weight classes. For ten years, Julio was regarded as the best fighter on the planet. Chavez has won six times in three different weight classes.

This fighter is known for his strength, ability to maintain constant enemy control, crushing blows, and a strong chin. He is ranked 10th among the 50 most famous boxers according to ESPN. Chavez had won 88 battles in a row before being defeated by Frankie Randall. After that, Chavez defeated him twice in a fight. Julio defeated boxers like Roger Mayweather, Sammy Fuentes, Hector Camacho, among many others.

6. Dempsey Jack

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Jack Dempsey is ranked sixth on the list. From 1914 to 1927, this boxer only fought 83 times, winning 65 and losing 6. With only 11 fights remaining, he was able to defeat his opponent 51 times by knockout.

Jack Dempsey is without a doubt one of the greatest American boxers of all time. For his battles, he always kept a close eye on a large number of people. This man's aggression and power made him the most well-known fist-fighter. For about seven years, he was the undisputed heavyweight champion. He has fought those who have tried to usurp the palm mercilessly for all these years.

But, as time passed, Jack lost her to Gene Tanney in a battle. However, a year later, in a fierce battle, he defeated him once more. Dempsey is on the tenth line of The Ring's heavyweight magazine list.

5. Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson finished fifth in the rankings. From 1985 to 2005, he boxed in 58 fights, winning 50 of them. Mike has only six losses and has never had a fight that ended in a draw. Tyson has only won 44 times since being eliminated.

This legendary boxer's name is well-known. The entire world is aware of it. He is well-known for being able to outrun any opponent in a matter of seconds, or even just in the first round. They bet on him all the time and only looked at how long the opponent could stand up to Mike for.

Tyson is regarded as the toughest puncher in history. It was entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest and most powerful knockouts. Tyson had nine knockouts in less than a minute. Mike is the youngest heavyweight in the world, among other things.

4. Johnson Jack

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We're still trying to figure out what makes the world's best boxers so good. Jack Johnson is in fourth place. From 1897 to 1945, this boxer only fought 114 times, winning 80 of them. Jack lost 13 fights, 12 of which ended in a draw, and 45 of which he knocked out his rival.

Jack is a well-known African American kickboxer. For ten years, he was the undisputed heavyweight champion! Jack was subjected to a variety of boxing evaluations. For a long time, no one had been able to beat him.

Johnson is a fantastic boxer. He had a unique way of conducting a duel that his opponents couldn't figure out. It is also known for its ability to deflect the blows of the opponent.

3. Sugar Ray Robinson

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How did the greatest boxers of all time and nations ascend to the pinnacle of glory? Consider the accomplishments of Sugar Ray Robinson, a boxer. From 1940 to 1965, this boxer only fought 200 times, winning 173 of them. He lost 19 fights, 6 fights ended in a draw, and 108 times he defeated the opponent by KO.

Almost everyone thinks he's a great boxer. Robinson competed in seven weight classes and possesses all of the best characteristics of a fighting boxer. Robinson was powerful, had a strong chin, and had more stamina. His welterweight and middleweight titles have both been won by him. Robinson demonstrated to all that he is deserving of the title of the great master of leather gloves. In addition, many influential publications rank it first in similar polls.

2. Muhammad Ali

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Mohammed Ali took second place in the competition. He fought from 1960 to 1981, winning 56 of his 61 battles. He lost five games and did not have a single game that ended in a tie. Mohammed was able to win 37 times by knockout.

This boxer became well-known throughout the world. He has been named "Boxer of the Year" five times and is widely considered the best fighter of the last decade. In the heavyweight division, Ali was crowned world champion, but he was stripped of it after refusing to fight in Vietnam.

Muhammad was thought to be unstoppable. The government has repeatedly attempted to humiliate him. This did not deter him, and he was able to climb to its highest points. He came back to the ring after a while and resumed his impressive career.

1. Joe Louis

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Joe Louis is at the top of the list. Between 1934 and 1951, this boxer competed in 72 fights, winning 69 of them. He lost three times, with none of the fights ending in a draw. Joe has 57 knockout victories.

This is the world's largest and invincible boxer in history. Everyone thought it would be impossible to beat Louis because he was so tall. Despite this, he was defeated by German Max Schmeling in a battle. Joe won a superb rematch against Max in just one round, leaving the winner unhappy for a long time.

Then he lost two more fights because he didn't maintain his form: he was having financial difficulties and couldn't train every day.

Louis became known as a symbol of the United States. During World War II, it was present in people's hearts. It is well known that during the war, no one could match Joe's political clout as a boxer fighter.

People flocked to the radio and ring to hear about his fights with rivals. It has given people hope for the future and the assurance that things will improve. Joe Louis is the only boxer in the world who is regarded as the best of the best.

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